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              Guangdong Liwei participated in the formulation of three group standards which were released and implemented today

              Date:2020-10-10 Views:548

              Guangdong set chemical co., LTD in the development of community standard "pesticide preparation process and the quality control standard" (059-2020) T/CCPIA is promulgated today, at the same time, the pesticide bucket of mixed fertilizer label specification (T/CCPIA 060-2020) and the formulation of pesticide auxiliaries tag specification (061-2020) T/CCPIA two groups such as the standard to judge also promulgated in the same period.

              The three group standards released this time have effectively filled the gap between national standards and industry standards, and promoted the sustainable, healthy and stable development of the pesticide industry. The publication and implementation of the group standards of The "Code for Quality Management of Pesticide Preparation Processing" are highly operable for pesticide preparation manufacturers and provide specific design standards and requirements for enterprises to control cross-contamination in the production process. The promulgation and implementation of two standards, Specification for labeling of Pesticide Bucket Additives and Specification for Labeling of Pesticide Formulations additives, provided the law enforcement basis for the administrative department to supervise the additives.

              These three group standards are the management standards for the pesticide industry issued by The China Pesticide Industry Association one year after the implementation of the "Limit of Trace Amount of Other Pesticide Components in Pesticide Preparation Products" (T/CCPIA 022-2019) on October 10, 2019. The promulgation and implementation of the four standards provided a basis for the review of pesticide production license, pesticide market supervision and strengthening pesticide auxiliary management, which was of great significance to further improve the quality management level of pesticide enterprises.

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