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              Rely on agriculture,countryside and farmers ,which is the foundation of our company.

              Build industry prestige by products and services.

              Company vision: Based on China, facing the world.

              Enterprise mission:TO produce first-class products, build first-class channels and provide first-class services.

              Core values: Honesty and quality first.

              Enterprise spirit: self-improvement, enterprising, innovation, excellence.

              Management policy: strong quality inside, well image outside.

              Business purpose: To become bigger and stronger, and repay the society.

              Product philosophy: Customer’s satisfaction is fundamental.

              Employment concept: Everybody give full scope to the talents and be suitable for its ability.

              Team style: Communication, harmony, fast, efficient.

              Three changes & Five senses
              Three changes:Institutionalization of enterprise management;Streamlining the operation of enterprise;Stabilizing development of enterprise.Five senses:People-oriented, so that employees have a warm sense;Rewards and penalties are lazy, so that employees have a sense of fairness;Pay attention to talents, so that employees have a sense of space;Provide training to give employees a sense of growth;Set goals that give employees a sense of accomplishment.
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