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              In 1987, our company was formally established,meanwhile chinese first pharmaceutical compound patent product "Meishabi" was born in the same year.
              In 1993, our company was successfully transformed into a technical material production enterprise.

              In 1994, our first technical material product "glyphosate" officially started production.
              In 1997, our company's first pyrethroid product "cypermethrin" officially started production.
              In 1999, our company developed cyfluthrin independently and successfully put it into production, becoming the second enterprise in the world and the first one in China to produce this product.
              In 2003, Liwei Chemical Co. LTD was eatablished in Maoming.
              In 2008, the company entered the health pyrethroids market.
              In 2013, Guangzhou Liwei Chemical Technology Co., LTD and Maoming Liqiang Import and Export Co., LTD were established and project of azoxystrobin techniacal was under preparation at the same time.
              In 2015, Maoming Heyi Chemical Co., LTD was formally established in the National High-tech petrochemical Park.
              In 2017, Liaoning Liwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established and Shandong Zhanhuatianyuan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. and Inner Mongolia Tongchuang High-tech Chemical Co., LTD was acquired by our company, which laid a solid foundation for the development of upstream intermediate raw materials of pesticide medicine.

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